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Why - a Vital House?

Vital House is a trade mark which brings together under one label projects whose primary purpose is to enhance one's life strength. What does this mean? With the Vital House we are particularly interested in the concept of vitality (vital life force). The vitality of the materials used, of building shapes, the vitality of water and air in the house. The more the used materials and design are vital, the greater power they have and they make it easier to support your own vitality. We perceive the house as living, healthy and vital organism. We want to create an optimal environment for rest and recuperation or successful business activity. Therefore, our design team includes, beside the usual experts, also specialists for radiesthesy (dowsing), bio-energy, feng-shui, instrumental bio-communication, etc.

For whom - a Vital House?

For anyone who is interested in the vitality of the space in which he lives and works in addition to the classic design parameters. The Vital House concept can be designed into a family villa, business centre, spa centre etc. It is flexible in programme concept, size, the number of floors and energy efficiency (low energy or passive standard). Each Vital House is unique. It is always customised to suite the individual, family or business. In addition to the vital aspect, every Vital House is always adapted to the local conditions: concerning the insulation, the connection of internal spaces to the external views, as well as functionality which takes into account the needs of the client and creates a space rich in experiences.

Vital organic materials

In Vital House we try to use as many organic materials as possible. They maintain the highest degree of vitality. Vital houses can be made of prefabricated wood, classic brick, stone, etc. The final selection of materials is adapted to the needs of the client in collaboration with bio-energy healer.

Design in accordance with feng shui

Vital House takes into account the recommendations of feng shui, the traditional Chinese wisdom of designing the environment. The most important parts of the programme are placed into the most vital sections of the house according to feng shui. The form of the Vital House follows the movement of the life qi energy. The lines of the vital houses are soft, rounded, without sharp angles and long straight lines. Even scientific research confirms, that people associate this forms with joy, goodness, love and life.

Radiesthesy (drowsing) protection and bio generator

Our living environment is under the influence of radiation coming from space, the Earth's layers and animate and inanimate nature. This radiation can be beneficial or harmful. Our Vital House therefore uses a radiesthesy protection and a bio generator which supports the natural vawe lenght of the cells and their vitality. The quality of the house can also be supported by instrumental bio communication. With the help of a proper water filter and a ionisator the water and the air are also vitalised.

The author of the project Vital house villa (to the right):
Špela Kryžanowski M.Sc. Arch., Bojan Leva B.Sc. Arch., Darja Valič B.Sc. Arch.

Visualisation and movie: David Hosta arh.stud.
Design of logo and brochure: Matej Zorec B.Sc. Arch.

project info: house G + 1.OG = 380 m2 netto / max roof footprint at ground level  = 510 m2 / minimal plot size = 2000 m2





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